Residential Elevator Resources

Please contact us and we will provide verification of the specifications pertaining to your specific residential elevator installation project.

  • We have some examples of residential elevator brochures and general planning guides listed below. These brochures and planning guides are for general use and information only.
  • We have a large local database of information regarding residential elevators and lift systems available to you.
  • We encourage homeowners, architects and general contractors to contact us at the onset of their project.
  • We make sure all specifications for the installation of the residential elevator are exact and building codes accounted for so your project runs smoothly.
  • We provide the final technical drawings for your specific project.
  • We are available to you when questions arise and we encourage you to contact us.

Check in with us. Let us know how the project is coming along. The more we can be involved with your project at every stage the less room there will be for costly errors. All of our elevators are custom built to your specifications and require specific technical drawings from us.

Residential Elevator Resources

Residential Elevator FAQ’s and Tips

Questions about elevator maintenance, repair or installation?

At Integrated Elevator Services, we are dedicated to keeping your elevator in safe, working condition at all times. From brand new construction and installation projects to routine maintenance, we provide comprehensive services for all types of commercial and residential elevators and lift systems.

When you’ve got questions, we have answers. Remember that safety and your 100% satisfaction are always our primary concerns. When in doubt, we don’t recommend attempting to resolve a maintenance issue without the assistance of our highly trained technicians. Give us a call. Consultations are always free. We look forward to hearing from you.

Do I need a licensed elevator installation company to install my residential elevator and why is this important?

Yes. You need an Oregon licensed, bonded and insured elevator company to install your residential elevator. In the State of Oregon Licensed Elevator Mechanics must have a CCB license and BCD license. Elevators in general can be extremely dangerous. These are large heavy pieces of machinery and equipment with up to 230 volts electricity and up to 40 amps of current that could cause potential injury and fatality if not worked on properly. Please be safe and always hire a licensed elevator mechanic to work on your equipment!

How often should my residential elevator be serviced?

We recommend having your residential elevator serviced at least once per year. Elevators are similar to automobiles. If they are used frequently they must be serviced accordingly. This ensures the system is running safely. With annual or bi-annual residential elevator service we can make sure your system is safe and usually detect and fix problems that may prevent future costly repairs.

What can I do to maintain my own residential elevator?

We do not recommend you work on your elevator system. Please be safe and hire a licensed professional.

Does installing an elevator increase the value of my home?

We believe residential elevators are an asset to any property. It increases mobility and access for all abled individuals. Our elevators are built with the highest attention to quality and reliability. No matter what accidents or health issues arise, residential elevators can offer support access and mobility. We believe it often outweighs the cost of moving.

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