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Commercial Dumbwaiters provide the most useful, elegant and convenient way to move heavy and delicate items up and down floors.

dumbwaiter in commercial kitchenFor many applications having a dumbwaiter is a necessity, not a luxury. Uses include laundry, furniture, food, boxes or any other kind of material. Dumbwaiters save time, provide safety and improve overall efficiency.

Integrated Elevator Services, LLC can maintain or modernize your existing Commercial Dumbwaiter and Material Lift or recommend and install a new system for any application. Made from the highest quality materials, they provide the same excellent service for years.

Some features in our Commercial Dumbwaiters include:

  • Systems suited for light or heavy loads
  • Lifting distances up to 50 feet
  • Counter height or floor level loading
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Minimum service requirements

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