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At Integrated Elevator Services, LLC, we provide personalized repair, service and maintenance for all types of commercial elevator and lift equipment.

Commercial Elevator Repair & ServiceOur #1 goal is to provide affordable service that never compromises the high-quality you expect from your commercial elevator service provider. Your 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed.

  • 24 Emergency Services
  • Safety & Standards Testing
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Needs Based Repair (no agreement)
  • Immediate Access to Parts & Equipment
  • Stocked Service Trucks

Commercial Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Maintenance Agreements

Our full service maintenance agreements always give our customers a little something extra. We offer customized agreements and will never lock you into automatically renewing contracts. We work hard to keep the elevators and lifts we maintain serviced, cleaned, lubed and examined regardless of the scope of your service contract. We know that our careful work today helps prevent future costly repairs. We believe in building strong relationships and that customer loyalty is what keeps us in business. Call us to learn more about our wide range of maintenance agreements.

Repair With No Maintenance Agreement

Although we do not recommend it, we will service, repair and maintain your elevator on an as-needed basis. At Integrated Elevator, we believe it is important to have a qualified technician check elevator and lift equipment regularly for safety. We are more than happy to help with any concern you have regarding the safe working order of your equipment. We offer affordable service without sacrificing our superior quality and extensive experience.

Elevator Safety Test Standards Checklist

The State of Oregon requires safety tests to be done on commercial elevators and lifts. These measures protect the riding public from possible equipment malfunctions. We are a licensed, bonded and insured elevator company in Oregon and can perform required safety tests such as annual and five year full load weight tests on your equipment. All of our maintenance agreements include these quarterly safety tests at no additional charge.

Free Troubleshooting for Owners and Managers

We offer building owners and managers who have maintenance agreements with us free troubleshooting by phone. This simple service can cut service costs substantially. As always, this service is offered at the discretion of our licensed elevator mechanics who are expertly trained and certified in elevator safety.

Commercial Elevator Repair

Consistent and Properly Maintained Equipment

Safety first. Well maintained elevator equipment makes the equipment more safe. We will keep your equipment properly maintained and cleaned to prevent future costly repairs. Your 100% satisfaction matters. We strive to always give a little more than what you pay for. You will always receive professional, personalized service at Integrated Elevator Services.

Immediate Access to Parts and Equipment

At Integrated Elevator, we work on all types of elevator equipment and have immediate access to the manufacturers and suppliers that you need to keep your equipment functioning properly. We have over 25 years of experience repairing, servicing and maintaining commercial elevators and are proud to share our knowledge and expertise with our customers.

Stocked Repair and Service Trucks

Integrated Elevator Service trucks are always stocked with the parts and equipment needed to repair, service and maintain your elevator or lift so there is no delay in service. We pride ourselves on efficiency. Keeping your elevator in excellent working condition at all times is our goal. We strive to keep downtime to a minimum because we know that accessibility matters.

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