CommercialElevator Installation

  • Elevators
  • Material Lifts
  • Wheelchair Lifts
  • Vertical Platform Lifts
  • Dumbwaiters

Our elevator installation services begin at the planning stages of a project and continue through manufacturing, installation and completion of your project.

Commercial Elevator InstallationIntegrated Elevator Services, LLC is committed to customer service and delivering the best solution for your commercial elevator installation. We offer a complete line of Commercial Elevators for all applications and needs. Our Commercial line includes passenger and freight elevators, material lifts, dumbwaiters and accessibility lifts.

Integrated Elevator are experts at building and installing all types of elevators.  After analyzing expected traffic patterns we apply our 30 years of experience and the latest elevator technologies to help you select the most efficient and cost-effective commercial lift your project requires. We incorporate the latest designs, performance and energy efficiency in our new projects to be sure your elevator will serve your specific needs.

We have an extensive library of manufacturers information available for owners, architects and commercial contractors to provide specifications and recommendations for each specific application including size, type and speed of the equipment.

Once an elevator has been specified for your project wee provide fast, accurate and competitive estimates and bids including cost and construction time.

Types of Commercial Elevators Available

  • Passenger Elevators
  • Freight Elevators
  • Material Lifts
  • Dumbwaiters
  • All Accessibility Lifts Including Wheelchair Lifts
  • LULA (Limited Use/Limited Application) Elevators
  • Custom Configurations

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