About Integrated Elevator

Building strong relationships through high-quality elevator installation, maintenance and repair

Integrated Elevator Services, LLC provides installation, service and repair of all residential and commercial elevator and lift systems throughout the state of Oregon. We believe in offering affordable, high-quality products and services that meet our customers’ needs. We always use non-proprietary elevator control systems. This keeps building owners, facility maintenance managers and home owners in charge of who they want to work on their equipment.

No one should be forced to employ a company because of proprietary equipment.
We take every opportunity to preserve our high standards of safety, quality and customer satisfaction, and we look forward to making your next elevator installation or repair project a great success.

At Integrated Elevator Services, we believe that clear and honest communication builds strong, long-lasting relationships. Consultations are always offered free of charge and our comprehensive bidding process assures that projects run smoothly and costly errors are avoided. Keeping the riding public safe while offering high-quality products and services are priorities we will not sacrifice.

We respect the earth and utilize food-grade hydraulic oils and biodegradable products to reduce harmful toxic waste as often as we are able. Our team of highly trained service technicians represent Integrated Elevator Services with pride. Located in Southern Oregon, we welcome both residential and commercial customers throughout the state of Oregon.

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